At Webboix, we care about our client’s privacy and that’s why we only collect information that’s extremely vital to us. However, we ensure to follow the essential security measures to protect your personal information against potential attacks and keep your privacy intact. We don’t misuse or share your personal information with third parties, ensuring a completely safe browsing experience.

Our Privacy Policy explains what type of data we may collect from the visitors and how we utilize it to offer our services. By visiting our website, you agree to all the Terms & Conditions of this privacy policy, which may change in the future as well.

What Type of Personal Information do We Collect?

As soon as you sign up for our services, request a quote, subscribe to our newsletter, ask for a consultation, we’ll collect your personal information - including the name, phone number, email address, and company name. This information will automatically get stored on our server whenever you’ll perform one of the above-mentioned activities.

Apart from direct methods, we may also use cookies to retain your personal information. Data collected from cookies is stored for a limited period only, considering we only rely on sessional cookies to collect information. Sessions cookies automatically get expired as soon as a session ends.

How Do We Use Your Personal Information?

We use your personal information to contact you regarding your project and discuss its real-time growth. We may even use your email address to share information about our latest services, discounts, and exclusive packages. In any case, however, we do not sell or rent your personal/non-personal information to third-parties. We stay in touch with professional lawyers and follow the law-enforcements to protect client’s Intellectual Property against theft.

How Do We Protect Your Personal Information?

Webobix utilizes the best-in-class safety standards to protect your privacy all the time. We have implemented the latest encryption methodologies on our website to restrict unauthorized users from accessing your information at all. Once you share your personal details on our website, you can stay assured that it’ll be protected by high-security standards all the time.