Welcome to the Webobix Technologies Affiliate Program – an opportunity to grow your income while helping businesses thrive. Our program offers lucrative recurring commissions based on the monthly billing of clients you refer. Join us as an affiliate and unlock the potential for steady earnings every month.

How It Works:

  1. Referral Link: Upon registration, you'll receive a unique referral link that tracks your referrals.

  2. Share Your Link: Promote our services using your referral link through your blog, website, social media, or other channels.

  3. Referred Clients: When someone signs up using your referral link and becomes our client, you start earning commissions.

  4. Recurring Commission: Earn a percentage of your referral's monthly billing as a commission, every month!

Membership Levels & Commissions:

  1. Bronze Level:

    • Referral Requirement: 0
    • Minimum Referral Amount: 0 INR
    • Recurring Commission: 10%
  2. Silver Level:

    • Referral Requirement: Minimum 3 referrals
    • Minimum Referral Amount: 24,000 INR
    • Recurring Commission: 14%
  3. Gold Level:

    • Referral Requirement: Minimum 6 referrals
    • Minimum Referral Amount: 48,000 INR
    • Recurring Commission: 18%
  4. Platinum Level:

    • Referral Requirement: Minimum 10 referrals
    • Minimum Referral Amount: 80,000 INR
    • Recurring Commission: 24%
  5. Diamond Level:

    • Referral Requirement: Minimum 15 referrals
    • Minimum Referral Amount: 120,000 INR
    • Recurring Commission: 30%

Payouts and Tracking:

  • Commissions are calculated based on the referred client's monthly billing.
  • Payouts are made monthly via your preferred payment method (PayPal, Bank Transfer, etc.).

Getting Started:

  1. Register for the affiliate program.
  2. Receive your unique referral link.
  3. Start promoting Webobix Technologies' services and watch your commissions grow.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Commissions are recurring as long as the referred client remains a paying customer.
  • Minimum referral amounts are cumulative (e.g., for Silver, you need 3 referrals totaling 24,000 INR).
  • Commission percentages apply to the referred client's monthly billing amount.

Join us in this journey of mutual success. Become a Webobix Technologies affiliate and turn your referrals into consistent income. For any queries or assistance, contact our affiliate support team at info@webobix.com.

Here are some FAQ questions and answers for Webobix Technologies Private Limited's affiliate program:

1What is the Webobix Technologies Affiliate Program?
The Webobix Technologies Affiliate Program is a partnership opportunity where you can refer clients to our services and earn recurring commissions on their monthly billing.
2How does the commission structure work?
The commission structure is based on your membership level and the number of referrals you make. Each membership level has its own minimum referral requirements and recurring commission rates.
3How are membership levels determined?
Membership levels are determined by the number of successful referrals you make. As you achieve higher referral counts, you'll progress through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels.
4 What are the different membership levels and their requirements?
We have five membership levels: Bronze: 0 referrals, 0 referral amount, 10% recurring commission Silver: Minimum 3 referrals, 24000 INR referral amount, 14% recurring commission Gold: Minimum 6 referrals, 48000 INR referral amount, 18% recurring commission Platinum: Minimum 10 referrals, 80000 INR referral amount, 24% recurring commission Diamond: Minimum 15 referrals, 120000 INR referral amount, 30% recurring commission
5How are recurring commissions calculated?
Recurring commissions are calculated based on the total monthly billing of your referred clients. The commission rate for your membership level is applied to this amount.
6How and when will I receive my commissions?
Commissions are paid out on a monthly basis via your preferred payment method. You'll receive commissions for as long as your referred clients continue to be active and billed.
7How do I track my referrals and commissions?
You'll have access to a personalized affiliate dashboard where you can track your referrals, commissions, and membership progress.
8Can I upgrade my membership level?
Yes, as you achieve higher referral counts, you'll automatically progress to the next membership level with higher commission rates.
9Is there a limit to how much I can earn through the affiliate program?
There's no cap on your earnings. The more successful referrals you make, the more you can earn in recurring commissions.
10How do I get started?
Simply sign up for our affiliate program, receive your unique referral link, and start referring clients. Your journey to earning recurring commissions begins today!